So the idea was fighting. Just having some good clean fun with killing people. Zombies do well for a while, but get… well… tedious with time. So live targets, moving and all. Definding themselves. Not passing through walls and floors. Something like that. SL already provides you with some kind of damage meter, but that’s not very useful, as almost every weapon these days will kill you with one shot, and killing will always teleport you to your home position. So it’s a real pain, probably that’s the Lab’s idea of realism.
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Well, a workaround would be to send two postcards, one to bloghud, one to snapzilla, thus pleasing everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – I possibly can. That’s not a solution, just a dirty workaround, but we aim to please and so I’ll spread my gibberish all over the web. Blogger readers will have missed my past three or four entries due to the unwillingness of bloghud to crosspost them, but they were just random ramblings on castles, so you didn’t miss much. Today I’ve got three issues, that are somehow connected, at least in the twisted windings of my mind: Fighting, roleplay and the weather. So stay tuned as I break them down to you.
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