Sometimes I have a clear notion about what I want to make. Today is not sometimes, though. Today I keep thinking that I need the right music as a stimulus. Today I spent hours staring at the screen, trying to figure out what I’m doing here. Today the greatest achievement was getting dressed. Today I keep thinking about selling some land because I don’t have any good ideas about what to do with it. Today, I will search my texture library for that spark of genius that can light my imagination. Today I just know what I do *not* want. No grungy urban theme, no dark gothic thing, no glamorous villa, no cold sci-fi station. No pretense, no wannabe, no blatancy, no copycat. Today I want magic.
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With a draw distance of 512 I can see a dwagon.
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forever playing.

To some extent, SL *is* a role playing game, anywhere, anytime. You’re not your avatar, and even if it bears some resemblance to you and your character, it is something you created and maintain with your imagination. You don’t need to be on a roleplay sim to find themes that are different to those you know from RL. I don’t want to count all the carribean islands, medieval castles and mediterranean villas to prove this, as I think you get the drift. We find ourselves in fantastic environments all the time and we all should embrace this new and strange medium and let our imagination work wherever we are. We don’t need to roleplay explicitly. We just need to dream harder.
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Weather report.

So I guess the reason why I can’t get into role playing in SL because I’ve never been a player. I always was a storyteller, and to some extent I continue doing the same thing here. I enjoy setting a theme, and that’s what I’ve been working on the last weeks and months. I was doing it just for my own enjoyment and the one I love. It serves no particular purpose, and aims no higher than the clouds can rez. It’s just that I had to realize that this is the thing I like doing, more than taking part in someone elses game, however interesting it might be. And if I want to use a goddamn weather system to provide atmosphere, I will do so, even *if* it will kill us all with buckets of lag.
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back in the days.

When I started role playing, we were a few friends, gathering around a table, trying to play and experience a story. All we had were dice, pens, papers, words and our imagination. Playing the same thing here isn’t as different as I thought. The sims provide the theme, the environment to play in. It’s the frame and background of the game. Players, however, are challenged to blend into the theme. The storytellers are the few sim owners whose jobs is to manage the different groups in the sim and create some engaging background story. It’s not a computer-rpg where everything revolves around you and your character, but quite an old fashioned group play. And I really like the Simolacron sim.
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That’s where the misery starts. For despite their number, the themes you can choose from neatly coagulate to vampire/horror, urban dystopia (a.k.a. cyberpunk, though I think someone understood something wrong there), and star wars / star trek. (This must be the first time I’ve seen furries in combination with the Enterprise.) A few noteworthy exceptions seem to be: Samarkand (ancient persian), Aglarond (medieval fantasy) and the Simulacron (some really fantastic cyberpunk theme). I’m missing some imagination here, but I won’t complain. If people like to play these things, so be it. I just need to keep in mind not to add *yet another place* to these themes.
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There are a few combat systems in SL that provide more detailed and effective stats. I choose DCS2, as it’s quite common and works with most weapons. At 75 L$ it’s cheap enough to be affordable for everyone seriously interested in fighting and expensive enough not to be misused. And here’s where the roleplaying starts. DCS does not only provide fighting stats, but depending on the sim’s setting also experience points, levels, abilities and roles. Additionally on the DCS sim are some nice bullettin boards with all the different role playing sims that use DCS. They are quite a few.
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